health issues

So in the last 6 weeks, both of us have had health issues. So here we go:

Gordon had his annual physical. First thing is he turned 70 in December , the doctor addressed him in the elderly category, poor doctor! I’m not sure they will ever be friends again! Then the doctor asked him what happened in the last year as some of his blood work came back bad! So now he has diabetes, high blood pressure , high cholesterol and his PSI numbers are high. Go Gordon, if you’re gonna have problems go big! So, we have changed our lifestyle, diets and exercise. WE eat more fish, salads, veggies and fruit, though fruit has sugar, but we limit it! No sugar or dairy! We have found vegan butter is okay, going without sugar is okay and we really like the veggies. He sees the doctor in February and we will see if the numbers have changed. Both of us have lost weight and probably feel okay. Yes, we have cheated a meal here or there, but we also have a life!

Now onto me, so the 26th of December, I started spotting and then more after 14 years of menopause, it was quite a shock! I called my doctor on the 28th and had a biopsy on the 30th. Doctor Luwan called on Jan 4th and had the results. I have hyperplasia which means I need a complete hysterectomy. We saw the surgeon in Marshfield, Wisconsin where I will have the surgery. Nice doctor and he is pretty confident that it will go well. Dr. Luwan said theres a small chance of cancer, but the surgeon isn’t sure. But my blood pressure was high, I was nervous and now I have to see my doctor on Friday for a follow up. Boy, it’s been a ride!

So, I’m totally walking in faith and God’s grace! Both of feel the presence of God daily and know we are in His hands! Blessings!!!DSCF0302


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