Rest day

  • Do you take a rest day or what the Christian world calls a Sabbath?? I try to especially when I work, but I am on 6 weeks medical leave right now after having surgery. I think taking some hours off from electronics and the world pace is very healthy for us! I helps reset our internal clock like sleeping does for us at night and lets us just slow down. We live at such a fast pace of life. Friends of ours just moved to Switzerland and on Sunday they don’t use their cell phones at all and they teach that habit to their children! It tells them that family is most important and I think that’s a good thing. My husband and I put our cell phones away when we are dining out especially so we can start up a conversation and  not keep looking at that stupid thing!
  • So how do you see a rest day?? Is it prepping for the week some meals and that is restful or is it taking a long walk or taking a nap or playing a board game with family or friends?? Is it visiting your neighbors or going to the nursing home to see a family member??
  • I just hope you take some time and rest up for the upcoming hectic week and enjoy yourself! Take care!


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