Wild rice casserole

img_0250I found a new to me blog called iowagirleats.com , she is gluten free and has wonderful recipes. This is one of the them and its really good! It has dried cranberries, onion, celery diced, wild rice mix(I used Lundberg’s wild rice mix), chicken broth, sliced almonds and bacon crumbled! What could be wrong on this level! It has bacon!!! Insert smiley face!!!:)

This small container is all that is left of a 9 x 13 pan. I sent some home with Erika and Trevor so they could enjoy it another day with some turkey! Blessings and thanks for reading this blog!


New Tree

img_0245Well, I bought us a new pre-lit Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby Friday evening, I worked most of the day and came home to get youngest granddaughter Kora to go with me to Rice Lake shopping. We had fun and decided this was the nicest looking tree plus I had been looking for a couple of weeks, I thought this was the best deal out there! I took the floor model as that was it, all the rest were gone for that style! We got a few other things, like Christmas cards and stamps. Snowflakes for Kora to paint and glitter!

So do you have an artificial tree or real, I would prefer real, but the mess is too much anymore!

We celebrated Thanksgiving last night with part of the family, but we ate enough for those who weren’t there! Erika made 2 desserts that are vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Apple pie muffins with buttercream frosting(made with out butter) and fudgy brownies! So good! Thank you Erika!!!! I made a wild rice stuffing that is gluten and dairy free, I like it better room temperature or cold better than hot. That’s a keeper! Erika is mostly gluten free and dairy free, this is making her feel better and building her immune system!

Well that’s all from here, blessings and thank you for reading this blog!

Craft Show

Craft show last weekend and what fun I had! Here’s a photo of two  booths and what I was coloring in during the quiet time!

Prayer Journal

Do you keep a prayer journal?? I haven’t for a long time and this one I keep is very different! I’m using a yearly planner. 7 days a week and 7 people in my son’s family, so everyone has their own day! Some days I’m thankful, sometimes I need to just bless them, sometimes I say Scripture over them. It changes weekly! I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years and its very interesting! blessings!cropped-dscf0154.jpg

something new


So, I’m here, trying a new site, I don’t know, its so easy on BlogSpot, but no one can comment anymore, so what is the point to be there, I want to hear from you all!!!! I was here before so the heading is off by 2 years. I couldn’t stand it here, but maybe now is the time for change and new beginnings!

I want this blog to be more than recipes , family and friends. I want to be about what’s going on around me and family, friends !!! So just bear with me as I wander around and try to figure this whole thing out!

As retirement looms around me, I want to be here more and give some insight on life after work and 65. Which will all happen after next year. I want to figure out with your help, what makes me happy and lively!! So stay tuned!

My love for being who I am in Christ has not changed, but He is changing me, seems like daily as I walk this life out with Him!! I know this is for my good , so I can be His servant!



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