something new


So, I’m here, trying a new site, I don’t know, its so easy on BlogSpot, but no one can comment anymore, so what is the point to be there, I want to hear from you all!!!! I was here before so the heading is off by 2 years. I couldn’t stand it here, but maybe now is the time for change and new beginnings!

I want this blog to be more than recipes , family and friends. I want to be about what’s going on around me and family, friends !!! So just bear with me as I wander around and try to figure this whole thing out!

As retirement looms around me, I want to be here more and give some insight on life after work and 65. Which will all happen after next year. I want to figure out with your help, what makes me happy and lively!! So stay tuned!

My love for being who I am in Christ has not changed, but He is changing me, seems like daily as I walk this life out with Him!! I know this is for my good , so I can be His servant!



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