Essential Oils

So I mentioned before I’m part of the Young Living essential oils family. I’m very new at this, but here is what I have learned so far: I ordered the animal scents ointment as I had read it was good for cracked heels, and when I went to get my pedicure the gal who does mine ordered a jar because my heels are so much better. So that’s a first thing. Then I started adding 2 drops of lemon oil to my 20 oz. glass of water, it’s so refreshing! And the last thing, I’m truly enjoying the diffuser and using the purification oil, makes the house smell good during this cooped up time called winter in the northern Wisconsin area! Insert smiley face :).

Also, 2 websites that I truly enjoy are and , so please check them out. Good recipes and life laughs! Blessings! img_0276


health issues

So in the last 6 weeks, both of us have had health issues. So here we go:

Gordon had his annual physical. First thing is he turned 70 in December , the doctor addressed him in the elderly category, poor doctor! I’m not sure they will ever be friends again! Then the doctor asked him what happened in the last year as some of his blood work came back bad! So now he has diabetes, high blood pressure , high cholesterol and his PSI numbers are high. Go Gordon, if you’re gonna have problems go big! So, we have changed our lifestyle, diets and exercise. WE eat more fish, salads, veggies and fruit, though fruit has sugar, but we limit it! No sugar or dairy! We have found vegan butter is okay, going without sugar is okay and we really like the veggies. He sees the doctor in February and we will see if the numbers have changed. Both of us have lost weight and probably feel okay. Yes, we have cheated a meal here or there, but we also have a life!

Now onto me, so the 26th of December, I started spotting and then more after 14 years of menopause, it was quite a shock! I called my doctor on the 28th and had a biopsy on the 30th. Doctor Luwan called on Jan 4th and had the results. I have hyperplasia which means I need a complete hysterectomy. We saw the surgeon in Marshfield, Wisconsin where I will have the surgery. Nice doctor and he is pretty confident that it will go well. Dr. Luwan said theres a small chance of cancer, but the surgeon isn’t sure. But my blood pressure was high, I was nervous and now I have to see my doctor on Friday for a follow up. Boy, it’s been a ride!

So, I’m totally walking in faith and God’s grace! Both of feel the presence of God daily and know we are in His hands! Blessings!!!DSCF0302

The coming week

This is the time of year that is pretty quiet at the grocery store! Inventory is Wednesday which means the girls in the bakery and I do the freezer count on Tuesday. Plus the all the colors and sprinkles they use. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too! This happens 4 times a year, quarterly! This is my life this week , kinda boring!img_0043This is one of the cakes that Kim decorated for a wedding! So pretty!!! Love the details of the flowers!

Air Fryer

img_0308We bought an Air Fryer from Amazon 2 weeks ago and it showed up early this past week.
We are very happy with fried chicken  and fried walleye! This is what the fried chicken thighs looked like and it was done in 25 minutes. We ate chicken with a huge salad! This is aimg_0309 great idea, but there is one draw back, it’s basically designed for 2 people and not family. As I could only fit 4 pieces of chicken in it and 5 pieces of walleye, so I air fried the meat in batches. I would buy it again and highly recommend it. You use no oil and that’s such a plus! Blessings!


I’m not one to make resolutions as they are usually to lofty and hard to keep! But I do have a couple of dreams that I want to share.

First off I want to educate myself more on the Young Living essential oils that I have and get better at sharing them with others. This is so exciting and I don’t want to get too bogged down with day to day living that I don’t make time to share these oils with others. But first things first, I need to find out how to use them better.

Second I want to read through the Bible. I found a get app that is the best for me in reading through the Bible! Just stay with it!!!!!

I’m still continuing to purge rooms , but now I need to get really serious about it! So, next month when I turn 65, I’m taking one extra day off from work and plan to use that day to clean one room a month. That’s 4 days a month for bedrooms, bathrooms and the basement may take 3 months. It’s a mess! You don’t live in a house for 38 years and not accumulate crap! Please ask me how I’m doing on all these dreams!!!

One more thing, I would like to perfect a great grain bread recipe, I need some help in this department, as I used to make bread, but got out of the habit and have been really struggling lately. I think I just need to take time and find that one great recipe. Help me out please!

The word from the Lord for me this year is revival. Revival is a great word. Revival in marriage, work, relationships, myself, and with God! Can’t ask for a better word!

Isaiah 43 19 says ” Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth: Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isn’t that a great verse?? I think so! Blessings!